How to Prevent Moss from Growing on Your Roof

Some people love the look of moss, but in all actuality, it can cause serious problems to your home. Moss soaks up water, and eventually that water will leak through your roof. This will cause wood to decay, and your home’s structure to become weak and warped. Eventually, mold will grow, which will only make matters worse.

While you should always remove moss once it grows, the best way to protect your home is to prevent moss from growing in the first place. Here’s how:

Trim your trees

Moss loves shady areas, and these shady areas are largely caused by the trees growing around your home. To cut down on shade, you’ll have to trim down your trees. Doing so will allow more sunlight to hit your rooftop, deterring moss growth.

Install a metal strip

Copper, zinc, or galvanized metal strips can deter moss growth just as well (if not better than) sunlight. How does it work? Essentially, the metal strips will oxidize the roof when it rains, making it less habitable for moss. They can also deter the growth of algae and lichen in addition to moss.

Regularly inspect your roof

Simply put, you won’t know if you have moss on your roof if you never care to look for it. However, getting up on your roof yourself can be dangerous, and you may not know where to look. In that respect, it’s best to hire a professional to examine your roof for you. From there, they can apply moss prevention treatments that can be used once or annually to keep moss at bay.

At Moss Busters, we offer moss prevention treatments to keep moss off of your roof. To learn more, contact us today.

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