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The Best Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Company in Portland, OR

A moss-covered roof, left untreated, is unsightly. What’s more, it compromises the roof’s integrity, degrading shingles, and shortens the roof lifespan overall by holding in moisture and causing leaks and molds. You and your roof deserve better.

There are several different ways to clean roofs. We may use the hand-brush method, soft-wash method, or the hand-brush and soft-wash methods combined on asphalt shingle roofs, depending on the age of the roof, type of moss, as well as the desired results. On presidential, architectural, and three tab asphalt shingles, we use both the hand-brush and soft-wash methods combined. We brush the larger clumps of moss off the roof, then apply a roof detergent to kill the remaining stubborn moss, algae, and lichen, and wash it completely off. A thorough cleanup follows – all done on the same day.

A hand-brush only service is also an option if you are trying to preserve the integrity of the roof or save money, and instant or thorough results are not a priority. Since there is no detergent or water involved, the results with this method are less impressive since the roof-staining-algae, or stubborn sprigs of moss can’t be simply brushed off.

Soft-Wash vs. Pressure Wash

Pressure washing composition roofs can wash off granules, cause leaks and remove years off the life of your roof. The pressure to water volume ratio of standard pressure washing cleans with a low water volume, but with a very high pressure; it’s chiseling off the grime (and granules) as you clean, which works well for concrete surfaces, but not for asphalt or composition roofs.

Moss Busters uses the soft-wash method. The roof moss is first killed and loosened with a detergent, then washed off with large amounts of water volume, but at a lower pressure.

Tile Roof Cleaning

For tile roof cleaning, we use a roof surface cleaner, or a high volume, twin rotary nozzle setup. Hand brushing is also an option, but the results are not as dramatic. We also wash metal roofs and most cedar shake.

Why Use Moss Busters?

Our reviews and before-and-after photos speak for themselves. When comparing quotes, be sure to compare apples to apples. Ask about the methods used and their guarantee – different companies will use different techniques with different results. Read reviews on third-party websites like BBB, Angie’s List and Yelp to research the company’s reputation.

As always, safety is the top priority, and we take it very seriously. Our robust OSHA approved system allows uncompromised safety and at the same time our harnesses and rope set ups are flexible for any roof pitch. Most of the equipment we use is derived from the mountain climbing industry. The the boots we wear are specifically designed for roofers, with soft replaceable rubberized foam soles, to maximize traction and safety, and eliminate shingle abrasion.

In addition, as your go-to Portland roof cleaning company, we also offer moss treatment and prevention options. To learn more, go to the Moss Prevention page.

Before and After

Cleaning your roof of moss and debris preserves its lifespan and structural integrity. Get in touch today to learn more about how Moss Busters can help preserve your roof!


Moss Busters provided excellent service. The bid was reasonable, the service was done right, and the people who did the estimate and work were prompt, friendly, polite, and patient in responding to my concerns. My roof looks great!

Roxanne H. - SE Portland


The Moss Busters crew showed up on time and did a great job. They used special shoes made to reduce wear and tear on the roof as well as having stabilizers on their ladders so they didn't just lean the ladders on the gutters. I definitely will hire them again.

Mark G - West Linn


Excellent job! The crew took the time to move sensitive plants and adequately protected everything while the work was being done. The clean-up was especially well done.

Virginia T - Happy Valley


Vitaliy and his crew were very professional and personable from start to finish. They communicated with me throughout the process. It is evident that Moss Busters takes pride in its work all the way through to completion. My roof looks brand new!

Kristy M - NW Portland


Moss Busters did a wonderful job. They are fast, efficient, and all their work is extremely well done ... my roof never looked better. Add to that, they are also prompt, polite, and good humored ... it's a joy doing business with them!

Sara W. - SE Portland


Moss Busters always does a great job of spiffing up my home. Not only did my house look great on the outside, but a few weeks later they took care of my parents’ roof as well. They are very professional and do excellent work!

Jacob M - Clackamas


Outstanding. As my husband and I drove up to our house, we were dazzled. It is a 20 year old house, but after Moss Busters' work, it looks like it was built yesterday. And the pride we feel in our home again is priceless.

Susie N - Clackamas


I would DEFINITELY recommend using Moss Busters. The were prompt with a quote, when I had questions, Vitaliy answered them all. When I scheduled the service, they gave me an exact date and time range AND SHOWED UP!!! Will definitely use again when we need our roof cleaned next year!

Jo Anne P - SW Portland


It wasn't cheap, but the quality of the work was outstanding, and they got everything done within a couple hours. I have already recommended them to neighbors.

Kyle E - SE Portland


We couldn't be more pleased. We highly recommend Vitaliy to all our friends and neighbors now. We look forward to working with him again in the near future to get our driveway, sidewalk, walkways and patio cleaned.

Max K - Lake Oswego

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