Frequently Asked Questions

No. When cleaning the roof, a detergent is first applied to soften the moss before the wash is performed. The process uses a higher volume of water with lower pressure which gently clears away moss, debris, algae, and lichen without compromising the integrity of the roof.

Yes. Our moss technicians clean up after themselves on every job. Often the property looks better than before!

Yes, our moss technicians are trained to safely access and work on roofs and gutters using ladders, ropes, anchor points, and harnesses.

Yes, we are licensed with the Construction Contractors Board, as well as the Department of Agriculture. We are also bonded and insured.

While we do not install roofs or gutters, our professional technicians can patch roofing material and leaky gutter corners, fix loose flashing, and install/re-nail gutter spikes.

Yes, we guarantee our work and do not process payment until our customers are completely satisfied with the services provided.

When paired with a soft wash, our moss treatment will keep moss from growing back for up to three years, and is guaranteed for two years with no fine print. Learn more about our moss prevention services.