In order to prevent deterioration and preserve the look of your asphalt, regular cleaning is required to protect the asphalt from moss build up. Our team at Moss Busters specializes in thorough, yet careful, cleaning your asphalt so that it is properly cared for but isn’t harmed during the cleaning process.

Proper Asphalt Cleaning

In the Pacific Northwest, it’s common to go weeks without direct sunlight, which promotes the growth of moss and will quickly ruin the surface of your asphalt. Asphalt that is in direct sunlight does not need to be cleaned, but if your asphalt has moss on it, it needs to be cleaned right away.

Moss has various rootlike structures, called rhizoids, that grow into the surface of the asphalt and cause cracks and erosion. If you don’t clean your asphalt, it will eventually need to be replaced or recoated.

Our Asphalt Cleaning Method

At Moss Busters, our asphalt cleaning method is designed to protect the surface of your asphalt while thoroughly cleaning and protecting it from harmful moss. We use a walk-behind stiff bristle motorized brush. This manual removal ensures that every inch of your asphalt is properly cleaned and the surface is protected from any damage.

No harsh chemicals or pressure washers are used to clean your asphalt. Chemical sprays don’t kill the roots of the moss. Instead, they harm the surrounding environment without addressing the core issue. Additionally, pressure washing is guaranteed to damage the surface of your asphalt. The power of the pressure wash causes cracks in the asphalt and takes the surface aggregate off with it.

A man standing next to a green truck labeled "job busters" with lawn care equipment loaded at the back, in a wooded area.
A green mossbusters-branded mechanical brush for moss removal, parked next to a vehicle in a garage.

When to Clean

Asphalt cleaning services should be scheduled as soon as you find moss on your asphalt. Asphalt cleaning in Portland is easiest to do in the summer months, and the presence of consistent, direct sunlight will prevent moss from growing back right away. That said, we can clean asphalt at any time of the year.

Moss grows in the fall and winter due to lack of sunlight and increased moisture in the air. If you opt to get your asphalt cleaned in the fall or winter, we will put down a product after we clean the surface of your concrete that prevents the moss from growing back.

In order to keep your asphalt strong and clean, be sure to have the surface properly cleaned every 1-2 years.

Asphalt Before Asphalt After

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