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Nobody liked the surprise of overflowing gutters at the first rains, that’s why it is important to ensure your gutters are clear ahead of any rainy season. With all the trees we enjoy around us, comes a responsibility to watch what comes off them, and onto your roof and gutters. Buildup of leaves, needles, and branches can very quickly and easily fill up your gutters, and in turn, your downspouts. Before you know it, your gutters are overflowing, spilling onto the walkway, eroding your landscaping, and potentially damaging your home.

Your gutters serve multiple purposes. The first and most obvious is the catch the water from your roof so that you can walk out of your front door without walking through a wall of water. The second is when the downspouts collect that water and divert it away from your home and into proper drainage sites. When there is an overflow, the water goes down the path of least resistance, which in this case is back toward your home. When gutters overflow, water will run down your siding, your windows, and down to your foundation resulting in a big possibility of leaks if something isn’t sealed, erosion around your foundation, and growth of mold and rot.

A man in a green jacket and baseball cap uses a red tool to work on a shingled rooftop, with parked cars and a building in the background.

Gutters sitting full of water become heavy and put a strain on your gutter system. The excess weight can cause gutter nails to pull out from the facia, and if something wasn’t attached properly to begin with, they might fall off altogether, resulting and an expensive repair or replacement. Full gutters in the winter are prone to freezing. The frozen water will then expand, leaving your gutters at risk of cracking and pulling away from the roof line.

Unaddressed gutters are a problem even if they are not overflowing. The buildup of debris and moisture becomes a breeding ground for pests. Rodents in the summer are just one step from finding a new home in your attic for the winter, and water sitting still in them will welcome swarms of mosquitos that will lay their eggs.

Don’t wait for visible issues to come up to service your gutters because by then, there may be other repairs being needed as well. Give Moss Busters a call today, we are your local gutter expert that will prepare your gutters for whatever season is at hand. Our skilled technicians will safely remove any debris from your gutters, clear downspouts, ensure they are flowing properly, and clean up the grounds after the work is done.

Before & After

Before and after images of a gutter cleaning service in Portland, OR; the left shows a gutter full of leaves, while the right shows the clean gutter with debris removed.
Before and after images showcasing a gutter on a roof provided by Gutter Cleaning Service in Portland OR, the first filled with leaves and debris, and the second cleaned and empty.