In the Pacific Northwest, we pride ourselves in having lush greenery all around us, but sometimes, unknowingly, the green may be doing more harm than good. Moss growth is very common in our climate, and you can see it every day growing on roofs throughout your neighborhood. It may seem harmless but is very detrimental to your shingles.

Left unchecked, moss grows under shingles that can cause them to curl, bow and lift. Roof shingles are designed to overlap one another and allow for water to flow from one shingle, down to the next, down to your gutters. When you have lifting happening, there is no longer a flush layer of shingles, and this disrupts the flow process. Your roof is now susceptible to water going underneath the shingles and potentially causing water damage, mold, and even rot, if not addressed. Lifted shingles are also at risk of catching wind and being torn off altogether, further exposing your home’s structural components to the elements.

Moss also grows into the shingles. When moss grows into the shingles, it begins to break apart the asphalt component responsible for waterproofing. As a result, the asphalt releases the granules, which are the UV protection aspect of the shingles. This further exposes the asphalt to breakdown from the sun’s UV rays and perpetuates a cycle of degradation that can and will result in a need for a new roof sooner than you may expect.

At Moss Busters, safeguarding the longevity of your roof is our priority. We offer a variety of one-time, or recurring treatments, including eco-friendly options to keep that moss growth at bay. We will treat your roof with safe and effective solutions, and keep in mind nearby plants, wildlife, water features, and furniture that may be at risk. Our technicians are trained, and we are licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture to provide professional roof treatments.

A worker applying moss treatment in Portland, OR, using a high-pressure hose to clean a shingled rooftop, wearing safety harness and helmet, surrounded by trees.

While many homeowners wait till moss becomes visible to apply a treatment, we advise staying proactive. By addressing moss growth before it becomes problematic, you not only save on the expenses associated with a much more expensive cleaning service but also mitigate the need for costly roof repairs.

Contact Moss Busters today for a free estimate to determine the recommended services for your roof. Protect your investment and ensure the longevity of your roof with Moss Busters.