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Have a Mossy Roof?

Now that summer season is upon us and home maintenance is on the forefront of our minds. Are you noticing a moss growth on your roof? If so, It’s vital to keep that moss at bay, especially with the wet weather we experience here in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Moss acts like a sponge,… Read more »

Why You Should Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

If you’re a homeowner, there are probably a few expectations you have for your roof. You want it to look good, function as it should and not require too much maintenance. This can all be accomplished with regular cleaning, but it can be difficult to find the time to do the job well. With that… Read more »

3 Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Roof

Roof cleaning is about more than just aesthetics. A dirty roof can cause long-term damage to your home, including leaks and damaged shingles. If you go for too long without cleaning, you may have to pay for expensive repairs or even an entire roof replacement. Instead, keep an eye out for the following signs so… Read more »