3 Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Roof

Roof cleaning is about more than just aesthetics. A dirty roof can cause long-term damage to your home, including leaks and damaged shingles. If you go for too long without cleaning, you may have to pay for expensive repairs or even an entire roof replacement. Instead, keep an eye out for the following signs so that you know when it’s time to get your roof cleaned:

Black streaks

Black streaks, or “zebra stripes,” are lines of mold that stretch down your roof. Finding mold in your home is never a good sign, as it can cause health problems and it can compromise your roof’s integrity. As a result, any sign of mold should be treated as soon as possible.


For many of us in the Portland area, moss is a serious concern. Humid temperatures and damp weather make our roofs a haven for moss. This can cause moisture to be trapped inside your roof, resulting in further damage to your shingles. Cleaning your roof can not only get rid of moss, but it can also prevent moss from accumulating in the first place.

Poor aesthetics

Even if there isn’t any mold or moss growing on your roof, it might need a cleaning just from being dirty. From bad weather to construction, your roof will go through a lot over the years, and eventually, it’ll start to take its toll. If you notice your roof looking a bit dingy, then it’s best to get it cleaned before the moss and mold start to arrive.

If you notice any of these signs in your roof, then it may be time to schedule a cleaning. For roof cleaning services in the Portland area, contact Moss Busters today at 503-351-6300.

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