Why It’s Imperative to Keep Your Gutters and Downspouts Clean

With the fall season in full effect in the Portland Metro area, we can expect the trees to shed their leaves, which can create your gutter system to overflow resulting in some major and costly issues for you the homeowner. 

When leaves and debris fill up your gutters this can result in clogged downspouts requiring immediate action to be taken. If not addressed, you can experience potential water damage to the exterior of your home (siding, fascia boards, foundation, crawl space or basement and often the development mold). Full gutters could also result in sagging or detachment of your gutters due to the weight of debris build up and water.

Being proactive is key; contacting a reputable company like Moss Busters to routinely service your gutters and downspouts before any major issues arise can save you thousands of dollars in unwanted repairs and headaches.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Moss Busters provides professional gutter cleaning services to residents in Portland and throughout the Portland Metro area. Visit our gutter cleaning page for more information about gutter & downspout system cleaning, and please contact us today at (503)351-6300 with any questions or to book your gutter cleaning service before it’s too late!

Check out some of our recent gutter cleaning work in Portland below!

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