The Importance of Taking Care of Your Gutters

Gutter Repairs Why do homes have gutters? They’re there to drive water away from your home’s walls and its foundation. Without gutters, water would be pooling in places you wouldn’t want it to pool. In the winter time, especially, when ice and snow try and take over, gutters play an important role in getting moisture away from the house.

Why bother fixing your gutters? Well, if they get clogged, water will overflow. Then it will drip down the side of your house. Over time, your siding will become stained and/or rot away. Water will pool at the foundation. It’ll be looking for somewhere to go. Cracks in the foundation may form, causing water to enter your basement. Do you want a wet, mossy, and moldy basement? Nope! If your foundation starts to have “issues,” not only are repairs expensive, but, if left unattended, your whole house could become unsteady. Do you want it to sink into the ground? No way.

Gutters that are broken attract pests. Think about this: if your gutter, for whatever reason, is full of leaves and debris, that’s like a perfect place for bugs and critters to call home. Do you want a whole bunch of insects making their home in and around your broken gutters, roof and eaves? How about squirrels, rats or racoons? Certainly not. Don’t forget some pests carry disease.

In the Portland metro area, Moss Busters deals with all sorts of gutter issues and problems. Our skilled technicians can safely remove debris from gutters, as well as clear downspouts and clean up the nearby grounds. Trained in safety practices for gutter cleaning, the techs from Moss Busters work hard to eliminate risk while on the job. They wear special shoes that reduce wear and tear on roofs. They also have stabilizers on their ladders so they’re not leaning directly on gutters. From start to finish, Moss Busters has safety in mind.

Rather than you going “up there” to deal with the gutters, and risking a nasty fall, why not hire Moss Busters to handle your gutter repairs and cleaning? Call us now at 503-351-6300.

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