Located in Clackamus, Oregon, Moss Busters is Portland’s preferred roof cleaning company. Our highly trained staff uses the best equipment and techniques to ensure proper moss removal & prevention without damaging your roof or property. Learn more about the services we offer and browse our site to see what we can do for your home.

Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & Moss Removal in Portland

In the Portland climate, moss tends to grow on roof’s which causes moisture to hold. This results in roof leaks, shingle bowing, and shingle curling, which means your roof will not last as long as it should and will not look its best. We specialize in moss removal & prevention so we don’t just clean your roof – we remove and prevent moss from growing back in the future.

We also offer professional gutter cleaning, asphalt cleaning, and solar panel cleaning services in Portland and the entire Portland Metro area.

Portland Before Portland After

What should you expect after Moss Busters cleans your roof?

We all know how damaging moss can be to your roof, and how unsightly it can be. You may even have forgotten how your roof used to look when it was new, or if you bought a home with a moss covered rood, you may not realize how much better it can look just by having Moss Busters clean it! See an example below for a before and after shot of a recent roof we cleaned and treated in Portland.

Contact Moss Busters for a free roof cleaning quote or to book our professional moss removal, asphalt cleaning, solar panel cleaning, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning services in the Portland area today!

Overhead view of a sparsely vegetated green roof with scattered patches and objects, overlooking a suburban street.
Portland Roof – Before
An angled view of a textured shingle roof with four vents and a couple of tiles turned upside down on a sunny day.
Portland Roof – After