Moss Busters has expanded outside of Portland and is now providing the following professional cleaning services to residents in Oregon City, including Canby and all of Clackamas County:

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Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment in Oregon City, Oregon

In the Oregon City temperate Northwest climate, it is common to see moss and algae growth on each & every roof in the neighborhood. Leaving this moss on your roof can damage your shingles long term. Moss causes shingles to curl or bow, which ultimately leads to them blowing off your roof during one of our many winter storms. In addition, these bowing shingles allow excess water to leak into your roof, causing water damage inside your home. The moss prevention treatments we offer can help you to avoid costly roof repairs and keep your roof looking like its brand new.

Kill two birds with one stone – when you get your roof cleaned by Moss Busters, we also remove moss and prevent it from coming back. You will be left with a clean roof that looks brand new, and has no moss!

There are a few different ways we clean roofs in Oregon City. The selected cleaning method depends on the roof type, how old the roof is, type of moss, and how much moss is currently on the roof. Moss Busters will use any of the following methods to get the best results for your roof & treat moss – Hand-brush method, Soft-wash method, or a combination of both. We use only the best moss treatment & cleaning solutions.

Contact us today for a free roof & gutter cleaning estimate, and find out for yourself why we are the premiere roof cleaning company in Oregon City!