Moss Busters has expanded our service area territory! We are now offering our professional cleaning services to home owners in Milwaukie, Oregon, and the Portland Metro area.

We don’t just clean roof’s. Our professional cleaning services also include:

Old wooden shingles with moss growth, and a metal strip diagonally across them.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal for Milwaukie Residents

Do you have a roof that is covered in moss, visibly dirty, or frequently leaking? Stop those leaks, have the moss & algae removed, make your roof look new, and give it a longer lifespan by having it cleaned by the pros at Moss Busters today! Our friendly customer service, consistency and guaranteed results set us apart from our competitors in Milwaukie and the Portland Metro area.

Green single-story house with a mossy roof, flanked by a blooming red bush and a large tree, under an overcast sky.
Milwaukie Roof Cleaning Before
Large tree with budding leaves in front of a green single-story house with red accents and a japanese maple in the foreground.
Milwaukie Roof Cleaning After

Gutter & Downspout Cleaning & Repair Service

Why have your gutters cleaned? Clogged, overflowing gutters cause soil erosion, which results in problems with foundations & crawl spaces. Clogged gutters can also hold moisture and cause rusting, wearing out your gutter system more rapidly.

Keep the ladder in the garage this year and let the pros at Moss Busters take care of your clogged gutters. Our professional gutter cleaners in Milwaukie will safely remove dirt & debris from your gutters, clear the downspouts, and ensure that your home gutter system is working effectively. We even clean up your grounds after the job is done!

Moss Busters Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment Method’s

Moss Busters may use numerous techniques to clean your roof. The cleaning method we end up choosing for your roof will be determined by the age of your roof, type of roof you have, the type of moss and how much of it is growing. We sometimes use the hand wash roof cleaning method, or the soft wash method, but most commonly we use a combination of the hand-wash & soft-wash cleaning methods to give you the best results.

Contact Moss Busters to receive a free quote on the roof cleaning, moss treatment, asphalt cleaning, solar panel cleaning, or gutter cleaning services if you are in Milwaukie or the surrounding area!