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Beaverton Roof Cleaning Service

Located in Clackamas, Oregon, professional roof cleaning company Moss Busters now offers the following services in Beaverton and the entire Portland Metro area:

Moss on Roof

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Service in Beaverton, Oregon

Is your roof covered in moss? Does it look older than it is? A moss-covered roof that is left untreated looks bad, but more importantly it compromises the roof’s integrity and can shorten it’s lifespan significantly, by holding in moisture which causes leaks and moss to grow. Extend your roofs lifespan & make it look new again by calling Moss Busters today to have it professionally cleaned!

Roof Cleaning Method’s

There are a few different ways we can clean your roof. Our selected method depends on the age of your roof, the type of roof you have, the type of moss that may be growing on your roof, how much moss is covering the roof, as well as your desired results. We may use any of the following cleaning methods when we come to clean your Beaverton home’s roof:

  • Hand-brush roof cleaning
  • Soft-wash roof cleaning
  • Hand-brush and soft-wash cleaning methods combined (on asphalt shingle roofs) – recommended

Beaverton Gutter Cleaning Service

Moss Busters also offers a professional gutter cleaning service to residents in Beaverton to compliment your newly cleaned roof and ensure that your gutters are flowing freely & the gutter system is operating as efficiently as possible. Build up in the downspouts and gutters can cause rusting, overflowing, and ultimately a shorter gutter lifespan. Gutter build up can also cause soil erosion. Don’t risk it – let the pro’s at Moss Busters make sure your gutters are properly cleaned!

Contact Moss Busters today for a free estimate on any of our cleaning services if you own a home in or around the Beaverton area and want to keep your roof looking like new!